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Performance Oriented

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Data Driven Marketing

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Award-Winning Work

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Earning Traffic

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Make the difference

Save Time &
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You love your business, but so do we. At Loop Media, the number one priority is to grow together. We have successfully launched hundreds of digital marketing campaigns in over 35 countries.

Our Marketing Services

(we provide more but we try to be humble)

Branding Strategy

We build your brand from A to Z. Branding is more than a logo. It's what people think when they hear your name.

Digital Marketing Campaigns

From Google Search campaigns, to TikTok ads, Loop Media knows how to reach your audience at all times.

E-Commerce services

We're more than a marketing agency. We can provide in-house fulfillment solutions for your e-commerce store around the world.

Design and Development

Even if your company doesn't have an online presence, Loop Media will craft one based on your brand ID.


Having trouble scaling your online business? We have helped dozens of partners getting positive results in no time. Contact us

Performance Optimization

At Loop Media, we love numbers and stats. Our number 1 priority is to deliver campaigns with positive ROI to our clients

Digital Marketing isn't only Facebook.

Reach new audiences with Native Ads

Native ads are a type of paid ads which are placed like a part of the content of a web page, similar to social media feeds. As native ads aren’t perceived like banner ads, they provide non disruptive experience to user which is the underlying feature of native advertising.

Promote your products on leading websites around the globe, and reach a whole new audience!

Let's make some TikToks

The audience is there.
Where's your brand?

Grow your business with TikTok ads!

Drive online sales, increase app installs, raise brand awareness or build a community. Whatever your objective, TikTok's got you covered. Flexible spending, easy setup, and efficient ad delivery

Everyone's here - from Gen Z to Baby Boomers. What are you waiting for?

Choose Your Pricing Plan

Our Pricing Tables


Free trial for optimize your business.


per month

For start up business individual and small team.


Growing business


per month

Business individual and small team to grow up.


Growing business


per month

Business individual and small team to grow up.




Licenses Development

Support & Training


Performance Oriented

More than 100 million dollars are spent every year on Digital Marketing Campaigns with negative ROI for the clients. We will not be part of this benchmark. Each campaign has a KPI, and our number one goal is to deliver it.

Data Driven Marketing

Twenty years ago, money was spent on ads that had zero trackings and unsure results. In digital marketing campaigns, data are available for the whole part of user experience. Using them is the key for a successful campaign.

AI-powered optimizations

You need your campaigns to run 24/7, but we cannot work 24/7. That's why we have onboarded a bunch of top-notch AI tools that will optimize and scale your campaigns even when we are (literally) sleeping.

In-House Products

Hatori Kitchen

Our very own Direct 2 Consumer brand, providing high quality damascus steel knives around the globe

One of the first Greek Gaming communities, still active today with more than 30k daily pageviews


A project under development by Loop Media devs, that will utilize beacons for real estate.

Case Studies

Generating 76.000$ in South East Asia selling Knives.

Read how Hatori Kitchen generated over 76.000$ exclusively in Phillippines and Singapore last year

Eachine Drones: A summer campaign with 700% ROI

The budget-friendly Eachine drones made a hit last summer in Greece! We are partially responsible for that 🙂

Delivering ancient Indian wisdom worldwide

Are you familiar with accupressure? Read how ItharaMat sold out in a few weeks!

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