Conquering South East Asia with our Hatori Knife

Well, it ended better than British colonisation down there

Generating 76.000$ in South East Asia selling Knives. ​

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Why Asia?

In August 2019, Hatori Kitchen, Loop Media's very own custom labeled product that ships directly to customers around the world, launched its new series of Damascus Steel Knives.

Hatori Kitchen's business model was straight forward. We found the manufacturers, we bough wholesale, got our brand printed on our knives and sent them to warehouses in Europe and United States. "But what about Asia", a colleague asked during a meeting.

We pretty much laughed back then, but we decided to give it a try. Our manufacturers were able to ship directly to Malaysia where they maintained their own warehouses and fulfillment centers, so the costs were not skyrocketing. It's worth a try.

Now, it's time for some education! Southeast Asia or Southeastern Asia is the southeastern subregion of Asia, consisting of the regions that are geographically south of China and north-west of Australia. Some of the most notable countries in this area are Malaysia and Philippines, two of the countries we have targeted for this project.

But, why Malaysia and Philippines? First of all, and the most important thing in e-commerce, is that they are pretty much well-educated on the use of Credit Card. You cannot ship to another country with a cash-on-delivery method, so it's very important the user that landed on your e-shop can complete an order.

The second most important aspect of these two countries, is that they speak English. In fact, Philippines have English as they first language!

Education is now complete. Let's continue on our digital marketing trip.

Hype Building 101: Hatori Knives Now Coming To {city:Capitalised}

While the knives are not yet available to the exotic islands of South East Asia, it would be a no brainer to start building awareness to these new countries.

Our website got a facelift, we implemented an currency auto-converting feature in order to make people feel like shopping from a local store. In fact, we tried to make our prices more friendly to these markets. A typical Damascus Steel knife of Hatori Kitchen, costs between 99 and 200 Dollars. We cut down our margins on this new market, as both the warehousing and advertising cost is significantly cheaper.

However, we still maintained the same price on our collections. Why? Because if someone from Philippines wanted to buy one of our Highest-End knife set, we will have to ship it from our Amazon Warehouse in United States.

It's landing page time. Hatori Kitchen is now available in your city. Drop your email and reserve your seat along with 10% discount on your first order. Taboola would be the perfect media to build this hype. The Israeli company has some of the best publishers in these markets, including MSN, DailyMail, and Business Insider. Moreover, the CPC model will help us not overpay for Facebook Reach ads, while building the audiences via the Facebook Pixel installed on our website.

We captured a total of 2435 new emails on our Mailchimp. 2100 of them came directly from Taboola, the rest of them were probably via organic reach of shares on Social Media. A total of ~3900 USD were spent on this campaign, with a totla CPA under 2$.

Launch Day: Native Ads Stopped; Remarketing On

It's officially launch day. October 1st 2019, the stock has arrived in our warehouses and after a long waiting time for customs' clearance. It's time to pause the Newsletter Signup campaign, activate the Remarketing Ads on all possible media (Facebook, Instagram, Google Display and Taboola Remarketing) and push the "Send" button on Mailchimp. The results were amazing;

Our very first time advertising on the Philippines, and we have already generated more than 9000 Dollars. On launch weekend. Cool huh?

The most impressive part was that in fact, Filipinos actually purchased the whole set (249$ Selling Price). The one we mentioned that we didn't had in stock on the local warehouses . That one reminded us that assumptions are the biggest enemy of Digital Marketing.

Campaign didn't died however. Similar audiences have already been made, and our life has just gotten easier. Conversion-focused campaign on Facebook on and 700% ROAS until the end of the year. Of course, Taboola has been restarted for a conversions campaign, leading to excellent results. The campaign has been delivering CPAs beyond every expectation. Campaign ended December 2019 due to COVID-19 surge in the area. Malaysian and Singapore campaigns had positive results, but PH campaigns generated 80% of the total profit as you can see at the image.

Campaign Dates: September 2019 - December 2019
Media Used: Facebook, Instagram, Taboola & Mailchimp
Media Spend: 10.359$
Revenue: 76.144$

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